Energy Lens – Energy Management Software Review

Energy Lens Price: $495 Rating:  Reviewed: 4/11/12 Summary: Energy Lens is a tool that does one thing and does it well. If your are looking for a powerful and simple tool to track and analyze your utility spending, Energy Lens can’t be beat. There are b...

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Penny Wise and Dollar Foolish

The other day a customer balked at our fee and asked “how come you charge this much? Can’t you just do a quick walk-through and tell me how to cut my energy bills?” Wow,what a question. “John, let’s look at this from a different point of view...

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Free Commercial Energy Audits Are Never Free

I get asked all the time about free energy audits. “Hey, I just got called by brand x. They offer to do the audit for free. Why are you charging me?” My first question is always “what are they trying to sell you?” The challenge is that nothing in life ...

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Real Sustainability – Cutting Through The Politics

I get so tired of hearing about sustainability. It seems I can’t turn around without someone throwing the word around. We’re striving for sustainability Sustainability is our company’s core value Dude, I’m doing it for, like, you know, the environment....

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A Commercial Energy Audit Is The Best Kept Secret To Maximizing Your Commercial Energy Efficiency…And Maximizing Your Profits!

Why Should I Care About Commercial Energy Efficiency? I know, I know, you already have so many things to worry about. Your competition is gunning for your best customer. The biggest project in your shop is behind schedule. You are concerned about the economy a...

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Behavioral Changes Alone Won’t Help You Improve Your Commercial Energy Efficiency

Groan….At first I was pretty excited about the business opportunity. A large school district wanted us to help them reduce their energy consumption. It was a large opportunity (15 – 20 schools) and on the surface would be a great project. Not only would it...

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Ask The Expert – What Is Involved In Becoming A Certified Energy Auditor

Q: I would like to gather some information regarding certified energy auditor in commercial and industrial lighting. I have achieved bachelor in Electrical Engineer and working as an EIT with this company. I would really appreciate if you send me specific info...

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Small changes have a major impact on industrial energy efficiency

Everyone loves major projects. They are sexy and exciting, and it’s fun to buy a new piece of equipment or software. While they often result in major (move the needle) savings, the resulting savings usually don’t increase in direct proportion to the projec...

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Energy conservation doesn’t always save you money

I know what you’re thinking. If I cut my energy use I pay less money. It seems logical but it doesn’t always work that way. Most companies strive to improve their energy efficiency to save money and improve processes, but don’t understand that the un...

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Cut Energy Costs – An Old School Way To Deal With Inflation

My wife and I were shopping the other day and I was shocked by how much prices are going up. We aren’t talking about a few items. Across the board everything was up 25% or more. And based on the reports I read, it will only get worse. As long as Washington k...

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