5 Steps To Cut Your Energy Expenses Up To 40%

Are energy costs driving you crazy?

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Most businesses can save between 10% and 40% each year on their energy costs. This is money they are throwing down the drain and capacity wasted.

Best of all most of the changes are simple, inexpensive, and pay for themselves quickly. Some cost nothing but a few minutes of your time!

And the best part is that you reap the reward year after year. Every month you get to keep more of your profits and hard earned cash.

Five steps to a successful energy audit:

  1. Determine how much you can save: before you make plans or hire an energy consultant, make sure the potential savings justify the expense. Seriously, does it make sense to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars if your potential savings is only a few dollars? On the other hand, if a few hundred dollars shows you how to save thousands every year, you’d be a fool not to do it.
    There are tools on the web that can help determine your potential savings. We have created a free tool to help estimate your potential energy savings based on simple parameters: annual energy spend, number of employees, and facility square footage. Use our tool for free and find out more about Industrial Energy Audit Services.
  2. Select an energy consultant: Ok, I’m a bit biased. I believe our services are the best value available. That being said, there are many companies out there. Some are good, some are bad. While price alone doesn’t tell you everything, it is an indication. Free is usually not the best option. It is true when they tell you that you get what you pay for! And most free services are offered by your local utility. Hmmm….how could this be a conflict of interest?
    On the other hand, more expensive isn’t always better. Often you are paying for a high priced consultant or engineer to do things like the site walk-through, data entry, etc….We have found the best way to deal with this issue is to have you or your employee do the walk-through and only pay for the analysis. The analysis is a high value area which is where the savings are found. An experienced auditor has the experience and training to analyze the data and give you prioritized recommendations.
  3. Do a site walk-through: either you or your auditor will need to do a comprehensive walk-through. If your auditor is doing the walk-through, be prepared to spend your day escorting him around your facility. He won’t know your process or where your equipment is located, and will need your help.
    Don’t worry about doing the walk-through yourself. This is the easy part of the energy assessment. Seriously, it isn’t rocket science, and you (or one of your employees) are actually better equipped to do this than the auditor. You know your process, facility, and equipment far better. But be sure that you get detailed instruction before you start. When we do energy audits, we give our customers an in depth walk-through guide. This gives step by step instructions on what data is needed, where to look, and how do gather the data.
  4. Study the consultant’s report. The typical report starts with an executive summary and then goes over the findings and recommendations in detail. Did he give you details supporting his recommendations? Did he include calculations, charts, and graphs? Did he list references that he used? What did he use as the basis of his assumptions? Most of all do his recommendations make sense?
  5. Prioritize and implement the recommendations: Some may only save a few dollars but cost you nothing. Some may have a huge payback but the cost to implement is prohibitive.
    I find it helpful to use the payback period as the basis of my recommendations. This takes into considerations the cost and the reward. Also, don’t be surprised if some of the best recommendations are basic common sense. In my experience, my favorite savings come from easy fixes!

If you want to learn how your company can benefit just drop us a line. Our mission is to help companies be more profitable by reducing their energy consumption. Just all us at (281) 571-3447 or email us at support@industrialenergyaudit.com


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