As Economical as Solar Power Is, It’s Not Maintenance Free

Maintenance couldn’t be more important for trouble-free operation whether you have a brand-new system or one that is showing its age. Solar power is very common place these days and although it may not be as costly now as it was in the beginning its still quite an investment and obviously worth taking care of. The best way to protect that investment is by contacting a company qualified for solar inverter repairs Perth before trouble comes, not after. 

What Makes an Inverter So Important?

Inverters are considered the heart of solar power because without them your system may as well be dead. They are what converts the DC stream collected by solar panels into the AC stream that powers all your outlets. They come in so many sizes, and styles with different features deciding which would work best with your system may feel like gambling. 

If you are not a professional in the solar business no one expects you to know how things should be working and what to look for. Whether replacing or maintaining an inverter that’s a job best left to licensed, experienced professionals. Keep in mind that inverters are meant to work constantly, they are never supposed to stop, and that’s what makes maintenance so important. Professionals know what to look for and when to replace a part before it breaks and shuts you down. 

What Does Inverter Maintenance Consist Of?

Trying to save money on the maintenance of any part of a solar system doesn’t work out well for most people. Regular inspections, and parts replacement (if needed) are generally far less costly than trying to do it yourself and possibly skipping important details. Whey you hire professionals to inspect an inverter they don’t just give it a quick visual and then walk away. There is much more to the job than that which is why if you choose to have your work done by professionals be sure to hire one with a good reputation. 

Every part of your system needs to be checked, including subassemblies, other major components, wiring and contacts. You might watch someone else service your system, think how easy it looks and then google instructions on how to do it yourself but keep in mind that if you skip the tiniest detail you’re risking major consequences. 

The Choice Is Yours

To hire, or not to hire the pros is a personal choice. However, when it’s time to service your Inverter and a decision must be made keep the following in mind. Are the contents of the building dependent on solar power to keep things running going to be safe if it quits working? Do you have fish in a tank that would suffer without an air pump, or can you really afford to lose the contents of your freezer? Think about it, when the outlets in your home quit working, you may as well be living in a tent with an ice chest and depend on nature to keep you warm or cool.



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