Demystifying Energy Audits – How To Know What Certifications Are Legitimate

No one can deny that getting an energy audit will help you slash your energy bills. The challenge is finding a qualified auditor to do the work. While there are a ton of people out there willing to take your money, it can be difficult to find the right mix of education and experience.

It Can Be Confusing

It can be hard to judge an auditor’s capabilities, so several organizations have created standards and certifications. While this does help you select an auditor, it also has created an alphabet soup of certifications: HERS, HESP, RESNET, BPI, AEE, CEM, EMIT, CEA, CSDP, CRM, CBCP, BEP, CMVP, CEP, CLEP, DGCP, GBE, CGD, CPQ, REP, EBCP, BESA, CRU, HPB, REA, NEASI, EEA, and EAI.

Another thing adding to the confusion is the fact that there are at least six certifying organizations. Several provide overlapping coverage. Some are legitimate and respected, while others are of questionable validity.

Everyone Says They Are The Best

You can’t even look to the organizations themselves for answers. Every certifying organization says they have the best certifications. While most are legitimate and high quality, they can’t all be number one!

Consider Your Needs

You also need to take into consideration what type of building or facility the certifications cover. Most cover residential, some cover commercial, and only one even remotely covers industrial audits. Since residential, commercial, and industrial audits require different skills and knowledge, you need to make sure your auditor’s certifications match your needs.

For example, BPI and RESNET certifications focus on residential audits. They cover energy conservation basics, but focus on weatherization and household appliances. This means they are great for residential and light commercial audits, but these certifications don’t do anything to verify an auditor’s skills for anything else.

Contrast this with AEE’s CEA/CEM certifications. They also cover energy conservation basics, but their focus is on commercial equipment, HVAC systems, and lighting. Weatherization is barely mentioned because it is not used in commercial audits.

Industrial Audits Are A Different Breed
If you are looking for an industrial energy audit, your options are limited. The only certifications that cover industrial audits are by AEE. That being said, the AEE certification really qualifies an auditor to do commercial audits. For industrial audits you also need someone with extensive industrial experience, someone who understands your process and industrial equipment.

We Have Created A Guide To Help You Decipher Energy Audit Certifications

You are not alone if energy auditor certifications confuse you. Time and time again our customers ask us “what certification should I look for.” To help answer these questions we created a free guide to sort out energy auditor certifications: Deciphering Energy Audit Certifications.

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