According to the Department Of Energy, 40% of the energy you pay for is wasted! But, there is a way to fix this - read on to discover...

The Shocking Truth About How Much You Are OVER Spending On Your Utility Bills Month After Month ... Plus The Easy Way To Cut Costs Almost Immediately.

We Can Show You How To Eliminate Wasted Energy And Save Up To 40% Of Your Costs Every Month But, Hurry, Our Consulting Spots Fill Up Fast ... Don't Get Turned Away And Keep Overspending!

Dear Friend, How much do you spend on your utility bills? Do you hate writing that massive check each month? If so, you are not alone. No matter what industry you are in. No matter where you are located. You can slash your utility bills, but you need help. It is possible to do it yourself, but it takes a lot of work and experience. It takes years to learn what to look for, how to analyze the data, do the math, and do the financial analysis.

My question is: do you have the time?

We Can Help

Our company’s sole purpose is to help our customers cut their energy spending. We work closely with you and your team, and our recommendations are customized for you and your company. In other words, you aren’t getting canned answers and “one size fits all” solutions.

Here Are Just Some Of The Benefits Of Our Energy Audits:

  • Improved profit margins: How much would it help you to improve your profit margins by 5% – 10%? We help you cut your energy spending by 15% or more, all of which goes straight to your bottom line. The average company’s profit margin jumps 8% after working with us.
  • High ROI: You worked hard for your money, and you want your money to work hard for you. 70% of our recommendations pay for themselves within a year. 95% within three years. You don’t have to be an econommist to see this makes for a high ROI.
  • Low Risk: sure, you need to take risks to succeed in business. That being said, why take risks when you don’t have to? We take the risk out of working with us. If we can’t save you 10% or more on your utility bills, you pay us nothing. What could be more fair than that?
  • Great PR material: reducing your energy consumption is green and your customers will love your efforts to do your part to minimize your footprint. We can work with your marketing team to create case studies and press releases highlighting the steps your company is taking. Or we can do it for you if you prefer.
  • We save you money: Greening up your company is nice, but the real reason to hire us is to save you money.

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Make Sure You ONLY Work With A Consultant Who Has A Proven Track Record…

Certifications are great, but what really matters is results. You need someone who has a track record of exceeding expectations and delivering outstanding savings. This is where Industrial Energy Audit Services excels. Our goal is to always exceed expectations. But don’t take our word for it, listen to what our customers have to say.

“PSC strongly recommends IEA’s services”

I am writing to express our high level of satisfaction working with IEA. IEA was highly responsive to our request. The team’s flexibility in working with our limited time frame allowed PSC to take advantage of financial incentives and other resources to implement energy efficiency improvements. In conducting the facility audits, IEA staff was well-prepared, thorough, friendly and professional. The written report prepared by IEA’s is extremely valuable. The report includes explanations of various energy saving opportunities throughout our entire operations including the rational for improvement, estimates for implementation cost and expected savings. This gives PSC the power to choose which actions make the most sense for our business. Finally, we appreciate IEA’s availability to answer questions and address our concerns after the audit process. We have truly developed a mutual partnership. As a result of the IEA audits, PSC is on track to reduce our energy consumption by 10% and achieve over $2 million dollars in annual savings through our comprehensive Energy Conservation and Greenhouse Gas Reduction Program. PSC strongly recommends IEA’s services for any organization interested in promoting sustainability and enhancing its triple bottom line of economic, environmental and social performance.

Sue Bruning PSC Director of Sustainability



“would not hesitate to recommend them for any future energy audit project”

I worked with Brandt Smith and IEAS in 2011 for an energy audit as part of my Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) ClimateCorps fellowship with Dave and Busters. IEAS did a great job and I was thoroughly impressed with the professionalism of their work. I was working on a tight schedule and IEAS was very flexible with their timelines enabling me to get the report in a very short time period. The report was very thorough and the recommendations were thoroughly thought through. Brandt who was my main contact at IEAS was extremely knowledgeable and very flexible. I needed some additional analysis done on some areas and Brandt provided me with that information very quickly. All in all I had a really good experience working with IEAS and would not hesitate to recommend them for any future energy audit project.

Gayan Gunawardana Environmental Defense Fund ClimateCorps Fellow for Dave and Buster’s

But Our Services Aren’t For Everyone

Don’t get me wrong, I’m certain I can help your company save money. We are definitely not cheap, but remember, you get what you pay for. We always save our customers a lot of money, but not everyone is ready for our services.

You Have Several Options Of Energy Audits

  • Initial Consultation (FREE): No high pressure sales pitches here. It’s just a way for us to get to know your needs so we can better serve you. It is also a chance for you to ask questions and learn more about saving energy.
  • Scoping Energy Audit: How do you reduce your energy costs if you don’t know where to start? This is where a Scoping walk-through energy audit helps. We perform an analysis of your energy consumption and show you how to cut your energy bills. Savings can be significant, but the focus is on the low hanging fruit. Our energy auditor starts by analyzing your utility bills for the previous year to find usage trends. We then walk through your facility to understand your process, maintenance practices, and energy consumption. Then we analyze the data and give you a comprehensive report that shows your energy consumption, major energy conservation recommendations, and recommended next steps.
  • Comprehensive Energy Audit: This audit picks up where a scoping audit stops. Where the scoping audit gives you a good idea of your energy consumption and provides recommendations that will save you money, a comprehensive walk-through audit will examine and evaluate all potential energy conservation measures. Also, where the scoping audit bases the savings on estimates, a comprehensive audit will give you exact numbers.
    The auditor performs an in-depth analysis of your energy consumption and show you how to drastically cut your energy bills. Savings are significant, and almost everyone can save 20% or more. He starts by analyzing your utility bills for the previous year to find usage trends. Then he walks through your facility to gather the data we need to do an in-depth analysis of your energy consumption. He then begins our analysis once he has gathered all the pertinent information. He is looking at all areas of potential savings, using decades of experience and find the areas of improvement that will give you the most bang for your buck. Many will cost you essentially nothing. Others will have a pay back within a year. You should stay away from costly projects towards more practical solutions. All findings and recommendations are gathered into a detailed report giving you an executive overview, showing you how to save money at a glance. He then backs it up with detailed explanations and documentation. You walk away with the keys to cutting your energy bill and giving yourself a competitive edge.
  • DIY (Do It Yourself) Energy Audit: This is a great option for small manufacturers. It gives you 80% of the benefit of having us walk-through at about half the price.
  • Technical or Engineering Audits: These are the most complex – and expensive – studies. They are most often used by major corporations with intensive project approval processes, or by companies looking to implement major (and expensive) technologies. These include wind, solar PV (photo-voltaic), hot water heating, solar heating (passive & active), CHP (Combined Heat Power), CHCP (Combined Heat Cool Power), refrigeration (mechanical & absorption), heat pumps, HVAC, high efficiency electric motors, biomass, and small hydro-electric…. In our experience, 95% of companies are better served by a self-walk-through audit. The recommendations are almost as accurate, and their much lower cost makes it easier to justify the investment.


We guarantee that you will save at least 5X our fee or you will not pay a penny for our services … what could be more fair than that?  The risk is completely on us – if we don’t deliver on our promise, we don’t get paid.  With our 5X guarantee, the worst you can do is lose absolutely NOTHING.  The best you can do is save an incredible amount of money every month on your utilities.  Again, what could be more fair than that?

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Best Regards,
Brandt Smith
VP, Senior Energy Consultant

P.S. You get personal one-on-one time with me dedicated to cutting your energy spending. You don’t get pawned off to anyone else. I’m here for you…to help your business become more energy efficient.

P.P.S. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I can be reached at (281) 571-3447 or at