Energy Consulting Services

Free Initial Consultation: No high pressure sales pitches here. It’s just a way for us to get to know your needs so we can better serve you. It is also a chance for you to ask questions and learn more about saving energy.

Energy Audits and Energy Assessments: We analyze your utility bills, facility, and equipment to help you slash your energy bills. Typical savings are between 10% and 40%, and we guarantee a 15% savings.

Energy Management - Industrial Energy Audit ServicesEnergy Management: This is our overall program to help you slash your energy bills. It starts with top down leadership. It involves an in depth assessment of your facility’s energy consumption, followed by implementation of any recommended changes. We help you confirm that you achieve the expected energy savings, and put in place monitoring and other measures to ensure your company maintains it’s new energy efficient ways.

Energy Management Software: One of the biggest challenges is to track and monitor your energy consumption. I’ve always been a big believer in the saying “that which gets measured gets improved.” This also holds true with energy spending.

Some people track their spending with spreadsheets. While this works in the most basic sense, it doesn’t easily give you good tools to help reduce and maintain your energy consumption. This is where energy management software helps.

We like two particular software tools. Both are great, powerful, and affordable. Either would be a great addition to your operations:

  • BizEE Energy Lens: This great tool takes your spreadsheets to a new level. Designed for energy manager and consultants, it makes it easy to perform powerful calculations.
  • EnergyCAP: This is a great online solution. For a low monthly fee you get access to an amazing array of tools. They also have solution that range from small businesses to complex Fortune 500 companies.

Demand Response: get paid to help make the grid more reliable. By reducing your energy use at specific peak times (usually a couple times a year), you help the grid and make money. Note: you can opt out if you can’t cut your electric use at that time.

Power Factor Correction: poor power factor is costly, robbing you of electrical capacity and incurring costly charges on your electric bills.


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