Forget “green” or “environmental”

My problem with the green or environmental movement is that it is so polarizing. On one side you have the environmentalists. On the other you have people who don’t buy into global warming.

The majority are caught in between. On one hand they want to minimize their impact on the environment. On the other hand they have no desire to stop using fossil fuels. They need it to run their cars, heat their houses and decorate them with glow in the dark garden pebbles, and live their lives.

Also, not being green or environmental can have a negative impact. Saying anything counter to the environmentalists can bring about painful consequences. And saying you are green and environmentally friendly can make you look good.

It affects companies as well

It amazes me how many green or environmental companies are out there. Everyone is jumping on the bandwagon. I’ve even known oil refineries that are “greening” up their image with wind power. Everyone wants to say their product or process is green.

Or you find people that are true believers. You know who I’m talking about, companies who put green and environmental before profits.

Don’t get me wrong, I do more to minimize my footprint than most environmentalists. My family of four puts less than half the trash at the curb than any other family or couple on our street. We compost. We recycle. We use energy saving lights, set back our thermostats, and turn off the lights when we aren’t in a room.

And one of our industrial energy audits saves enough energy to power almost seven homes. You would have to do 23 residential energy audits to equal our savings.

But it comes down to profits, ROI, and risk

At the end of the day, companies exist to make their owners money. No more, no less. While a company can accomplish a lot of other great things for their community and the environment, it’s primary purpose is to be profitable.

Green is nice, but there should be a profit motive at the center of each business decision.

Energy management is the convergence of business and green

Our services and recommendations center around making companies more money:

  • The average manufacturer or plant can add 10% or more to their profit margins.
  • High ROI: most energy conservation measures pay for themselves in under a year.
  • Low risk: high ROI projects that make everything in your business more profitable that are guaranteed to boost your bottom line no matter what kind of economy we are in. Add in the fact that we guarantee results and there is no risk.
  • Companies gain a ton of marketing material: press releases, white papers, and articles are easy to develop with the information we give them. It’s a powerful message that shows both your commitment to the planet and to your shareholders profits.

That being said, it is also a green service.

You do gain the satisfaction of reducing your impact on the environment. Your employees can be proud to work for such a responsible company. The local community looks to you as being a good neighbor.

So, at the end of the day, it can be profitable to be green.

If you want to learn how your company can benefit just drop us a line. Our mission is to help companies be more profitable by reducing their energy consumption. Just all us at (281) 571-3447 or email us at


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