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Where do you see your energy expenses going over the next few years?

The smart money is on energy prices rising for the foreseeable future:

  • No economically viable alternatives for fossil fuels on the near term horizon.
  • Political strife in the Middle East.
  • Reduced domestic oil and gas exploration.
  • Increased energy regulations.
  • A weakening dollar.

Anyway you look at it, energy prices are set to skyrocket.

How will rising energy costs affect your bottom line?

This question is a no brainer. Of course rising energy costs hurt your profitability, especially if you can’t pass it on to your customers. The real question is you should be asking is “How will I deal with it?”

If you could slash your energy expenses 10% – 40%, how would it affect your profits?

Think about how much of a competitive edge you would gain if you could cut your expenses that much….

Is Energy Management the Answer?

In these tough economic times companies need to find new ways to reduce cost while continuing to provide the highest level of quality and service. With new government regulations, rising energy cost and increased global competition gaining a competitive edge by reducing costs is critical.

That’s where we come in. Our advice can save you money on energy while maintaining your high level of quality.

Benefits of an industrial energy audit and energy conservation:

  • Gain a competitive edge: What company doesn’t want to reduce their expenses? How much of an edge would you get if you could cut one of your largest expenses without impacting productivity?Our typical industrial energy audit saves our customers 20% per year on their energy use. Note: this is the “typical” amount, we’ve seen savings as high as 59%.
    • Energy costs: for many companies electricity, fuel oil, and natural gas are the largest expenses.
    • Waste reduction: most industrial plants have large waste streams with an associated high cost. As we audit your energy use we also look at your waste production and find you additional ways to save money.
  • Free up capacity and improve the performance of your equipment
  • Improve your company’s image: Environmental issues are becoming a major concern for many of your customers. Reducing your energy consumption will help “green” your image.
  • Reduce your environmental impact

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