Industrial Energy Audits: Be Green, Save Money, and Improve Comfort Levels and Productivity


It’s rare that you can get the best of both worlds. There’s almost a tradeoff: increased performance for a higher price, lower fat while sacrificing flavor, better looking but sacrificing comfort.

In the industrial world this is magnified. Most capital projects require tradeoffs. You sacrifice features or performance to improve price. You pay more to improve your lead-time.

In the case of green projects, “this is amplified even more. If you look at wind or solar you pay a significant premium for reduced energy bills and a smaller carbon footprint, and also deal with inconsistent power production levels. Often, the “green” solution comes at a premium price, and sometimes offers lower performance.

But with an industrial energy audit you can have it all. For a relatively small fee you:
• Significantly reduce your energy expenses.
• Improve your company’s image by “greening up.”
• Improve your process while reducing energy levels.
• Improve comfort levels by reducing your energy usage.

Be Green

Whether you want to save the polar ice cap or just improve your company’s image, an energy audit can help. One of the keystones of the green movement is to reduce your carbon footprint by reducing your energy consumption.

Save Money

Now I’m speaking the language of business. At the end of the day, a company is created to earn a profit. When the economy is booming profits are improved by increasing production. In down economies, you improve profits by controlling expenses. For many companies, one of the largest expenses is their utility bills. Reduce your utility spending and you can apply the savings immediately to your bottom line. The best part is that the savings keep coming year after year.

Improve Your Process

Often our processes are created on the fly. Need to add a new product? Cram the machine into the corner. Expanding because business is booming? No time to change your entire process, just add on where you can.

When you perform an energy audit, you often get a chance to question why you do things the way you do You are also updating or upgrading your facility, so it is often a good time to make other improvements and combine labor costs.

Improve Comfort Levels

Old HVAC systems often do a poor job maintaining temperature in a comfortable range. When your HVAC system is improved because of an energy audit, you usually find that comfort levels improve with energy spending is reduced.

Another comfort area is lighting. It is often possible to improve lighting levels while reducing energy spending.

If you want to learn how your company can benefit just drop us a line. Our mission is to help companies be more profitable by reducing their energy consumption. Just all us at (281) 571-3447 or email us at


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