Seven ways a Certified Energy Consultant can save you money

You may have heard that energy prices are expected to skyrocket in the foreseeable future. Turmoil in the Middle East along with a weakening dollar is driving up the cost of energy. As a business owner you know this is going to affect your bottom line. So the question is what can you do about it?

One thing you can do is have your facility audited by an independent energy consultant. I say independent because there are companies out there who will do a portion of the audit (like lighting) for little or no cost in hopes they can sell you their products to make up the cost. The question is do you really need those products? The only way to know for sure is to hire someone independent. Someone whose job it is to evaluate and identify your company’s energy inefficiencies without selling you products you may or may not need. Of course there will be a fee for their service. But any Certified Energy Consultant worth there salt will make sure their fee will more than be covered by the energy saving in the first year!

How will you know if an auditor is qualified?

There are several organizations that say they certify energy auditors or energy consultants. As with anything some are better than others. For the purposes of this article we will focus on AEE certifications because they have a rigorous CEA(certified energy auditor) and CEM (certified energy manager) program. In order to achieve either of these certifications the consultant must have a bachelor’s degree in engineering plus several years of experience in the field. They must take a week long course and pass an exam. After that they are required to take part in continuing education courses to maintain their qualifications.

But the reason you are reading this is to find out how they can save your company money. So without any further ado, Seven ways a Certified Energy Consultant can save you money:

1. The CEA/CEM will evaluate your building envelope. They will examine the age of the facility, condition, insulation, airflow and any maintenance issues that are hurting your energy efficiency. They can model your building to point out problem areas and guide you toward effective solutions.

2. They will evaluate all of your major equipment (HVAC, boilers, lighting, compressors, etc.) for maintenance practices and age and make recommendations to improve the efficiency of existing equipment or give you an ROI projection for its replacement. Because the CEA/CEM is independent if you do need to replace equipment you can go out to bid for the best price and service.

3. They can make recommendations on your energy rates and help you find the best energy providers and programs for your company’s needs.

4. They will do an in depth analysis of your utility bills examining peak usage patterns, trends, and un-necessary charges and fees.

5. They will work to identify grants and incentive programs to help with increased energy efficiency and capital equipment upgrades.

6. They can help you set up energy management software to help your company track and plan your usage more effectively.

7. They can provide you with alternative energy fees-ability reports to help you decide which green measure you can take to improve your company’s environmental image.

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