White Papers and Reports

Boiler MACT Report: In 2007 a DC appeals court vacated the 2004 Boiler MACT regulations. In it’s ruling, the court also ordered the EPA to propose new regulations by April 29, 2010, and implement new regulations by December 16, 2010. These regulations will have a huge impact for any company with boilers. At 175 pages, the guidelines are complicated and hard to understand.

We created this report to simplify the Boiler MACT regulation. As a further service, our reports includes a simple flow chart to help you determine how (and if) the EPA Boiler MACT regulations apply to your company.

Deciphering Energy Audit Certifications: finding a qualified auditor can be challenging, especially when you consider that there are at least six certifying organizations and dozens of certifications.

We created this report to demystify the certifications you are likely to encounter.

Get Your Power From The Sun: This is a great consumer guide created by the US Department of Energy. It goes into solar energy for homes and business in depth, and helps you determine if your house or building is a good candidate for a solar installation.


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